SMANKH Launch Episode Live

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Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

22 أيام قبل

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تعليقات: 2 977
Mysterious. T
Mysterious. T 14 أيام قبل
Please don’t stop Vlogging because of your series.. please we need your everyday Vlogging, please..Sam.. we know you are not feeling well but we cant live without seeing you
Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes 14 أيام قبل
I can see the pain in Sambhavna 's and Avinash eyes. I pray all your health problems just vanish from your life. All the best for this new episodes ❤️ Excited to watch.
Akanksha Priyadarshini
Akanksha Priyadarshini 14 أيام قبل
Samruddhi Ramesh
Samruddhi Ramesh 14 أيام قبل
Loads of love from Bangalore 💝... ma'am you both and ofcourse your kids an staffs deserves 👏 ❤.... 100% you deserve 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟for your brilliant vlogs 💫..
Neeti Agrawal
Neeti Agrawal 14 أيام قبل
Love love love both of you ❤️❤️❤️
RICHA GUPTA 14 أيام قبل
Lots of love to u and ur family 😍
wariku shivi
wariku shivi 14 أيام قبل
Its tough to choose 2 video of yours to watch. You guys are lovely and cute people whom I adore. I always try not to miss any series, music video of yours. Lots of love. Take care Sambhavna Mam. You will be fine, please stay positive today's your health. I know you can do it. All the best
hrutvi dharod
hrutvi dharod 14 أيام قبل
A unique concept to watch on ARface!!! It's just filled with love, good wishes and lot of emotions that can't be defined....Love you Sambhavna di and Avinash Bhaiya ❤️❤️❤️
Tanvi C
Tanvi C 14 أيام قبل
Lots of love n respect to you wishes for the future..and big hug to little angels.. 😘😘
Ash Zamani
Ash Zamani 14 أيام قبل
May good bless you sweet Coco and cherry ❤ I really loved the 1st episode specially Naaz's family hospitality was royal, they treated Sam like a daughter getting married. Very thoughtful family..
Priyanka Tripathi
Priyanka Tripathi 14 أيام قبل
I can see that Sambhavna ma’am is in pain. Hats off to her. She is handling everything with a smile. Love you guyzzz….♥️♥️♥️♥️
Vrinda Lulla
Vrinda Lulla 14 أيام قبل
Love u both for all these new series the concept is too good .u both are so down to earth love ur ideas for these vlogs 👍👍
Yoga With Geeta 🙏
Yoga With Geeta 🙏 14 أيام قبل
Hi i loved all your episodes and you both are very kind and passionate pet lover. Sambhavana you will be all well don't worry. You are a fighter and whatever happens it happens for good so cheer up👍
Hetal's Kitchen Recipes😋
Hetal's Kitchen Recipes😋 14 أيام قبل
Lots of love and respect for your efforts... sam di get well soon... apni sehat ke aage sab bekar hai dii... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hiral Mehta
Hiral Mehta 14 أيام قبل
This days whether it is morning or evening or night watching ur episodes. This was v good gesture to go at subscribers place n involve with them n enjoy the best. Lot❤️of ❤️
kaali kaali
kaali kaali 14 أيام قبل
Sir and mam you guys are love ❤️❤️❤️so pure couple no fake drama nth straight forwad ppl ❤️and most of that you guys are vegetarian,me too i believe those who loves voiceless animals they are pure from heart,this is also one of the main reason that i am emotionally connected to you guys ❤️I ma Nepali 🇳🇵but currently i am in Canada 🇨🇦
PAKHI a little birdie
PAKHI a little birdie 14 أيام قبل
From you life stories to your subscribers' life story
Monika Khanna
Monika Khanna 14 أيام قبل
I am addicted to your episode's. I feel inspired by you both. In case whenever you plan to come to north lndia please plan to come over here
Priya Negi
Priya Negi 14 أيام قبل
You both are so much perfect ❤️perfect from outside perfect from inside . Perfect for each and n perfect for others also i mean the way u people are motivating others somehow ❤️❤️❤️❤️lots of love to you 🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️
aishwarya rajput
aishwarya rajput 14 أيام قبل
TrueGems💎may bappa bless you🧿 .....i love you both ..i feel so connected whenever i see u .... you are my inspiration...not only todays every episode of yours are my favorite... take care sambhavana ma'am.. dont worry all will be fine soon ..
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