Size 0 figure ki Taiyaari ! | Ep 5 | Thailand Series 2022

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Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

15 أيام قبل

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Devendra Yadav
Devendra Yadav أيام قبل
Hats off to avinash. Great husband, son, brother, father, vlogger, actor, dancer, script writer, editor, nature lover and down to earth person😃
Aparna Roy
Aparna Roy أيام قبل
I just die due to laughter because of Avinash's comedy punches in each and every episode of this series as well as other and you Sam equally support your husband in his funny punches with funny punch touch and whole hearted laughter.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Khushpreet Kaur
Khushpreet Kaur أيام قبل
This episode showed us that Avinash can’t do khtron k khiladi at all… but Sambhavna should absolutely do kkk 😍😂😄😊😊
Dhanshree Barjatya
Dhanshree Barjatya أيام قبل
Sambhavna is such a fearless personality yaar.... And I loved avinash's reaction... So genuine....
Cherie Goel
Cherie Goel أيام قبل
Who all agree that sambhavna mam and Avinash are such a down to earth people and who cares for each other always ❤️❤️❤️
Pastelscrapbook أيام قبل
All praise to Avinash Sir & Ma' showoff,no to watch the Thailand series ...just amazing ...
madhavi srivastava
madhavi srivastava أيام قبل
Avinash's sense of humour is too good...these vlogs are incomplete without him!!
Tanvi Mankodi
Tanvi Mankodi أيام قبل
Avinash you are on a different level hahaha. This series is pure fun ..i love your non stop comments, banter,one liners.. everything is just amazing 🤩 😍. ..Sam, the way you said 'Phattu' 🤣. Stay safe 💝 love you'll.
singh أيام قبل
Avinash Avinash what a guy made this channel are so good ,decent generous and so original...lots of love...lvng this series...mostly bcz of you Avinash your comedy punches..awesome and sambhavna you take all those punches with laugh and smile ...kudos...👏👏👏👏
kirti pandit
kirti pandit أيام قبل
Feel you should take Avinash parents also on such trips.. they will enjoy they are so joly.. waiting for Ganpati and parents to come 🥳🤘🏻
Deepali Rao
Deepali Rao أيام قبل
Avinash 's humour and Sambhavna's reactions are fun to watch 😃🥰
Seema Shenoy
Seema Shenoy أيام قبل
How do you both manage to make each and every vlog so interesting , hilarious in between .. overall very entertaining .. Thank you Sambhavi❤️❤️
Jahan Jeba
Jahan Jeba أيام قبل
The way sambhavna carried the snake and played with comfortable it really shows that she is a real animal lover.not only dogs but she is comfortable and loving to Every animals.she is amazing.shambhavna should go to khatro k khiladi.she will win the show😁
Shraddha Patel
Shraddha Patel أيام قبل
sir your comedy timing and editing talent is awesome👌🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ that clapping sound🤣🤣🤣 you both are real couple goals and a inspiration too🧿💕😇🥰
Kaushikee Rai
Kaushikee Rai أيام قبل
Seriously your videos just make my day the best ! Thank you for all your hardwork
charu bali
charu bali أيام قبل
Sam is so daring holding the python😍🔥Avinash’s reaction to that was epic😂
Roopa Sreenuprasad
Roopa Sreenuprasad أيام قبل
Sambhavna is so cutee feel like giving her a warm hug 🫂 ,avinash never fails to appreciate her. God bless you both with a wonderful and blissful married life.
abhinandan chatterjee
abhinandan chatterjee أيام قبل
You guys are a laugh riot & Mr. Avinash your one-liners are just mind-blowing , no doubt you are a character artist and must be a good writer too. Thank you for the vlogs both of you. God Speed...
Anjana Ghosh
Anjana Ghosh أيام قبل
Love Avinash and Sambhabna 's fun filled conversations so so entertaining ❤️
kaajal kothari
kaajal kothari أيام قبل
What sense of humour
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