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Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

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For any queries or feedback please mail us to sambhavnasethentertainment@gmail.com
Or you can send letters to me at
C-202, New Jay Palace, Yari road, Versova, Andheri west, Mumbai-400061
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D k
D k سنوات قبل
she is a true inspiration to everyone right now. She is using her platform for a good purpose & literally helping people to survive. You can achieve all the fame & money but to achieve true love & respect from millions people is what should be considered as success. An inspiration, a true human being💙💙💙💙💙
Malav Patel
Malav Patel سنوات قبل
I am so proud of you maam that you are helping people in such tough times. Please continue this noble work and stay strong. Your father will also get well very soon . Lots of love to you & your family from doha
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma سنوات قبل
This channel gives me hope ,propels me to move forward and help the people and "live" through even these difficult times, thanks to both of you i love you and believe we all will come out of this soon together!
Red Bug
Red Bug
Bro its difficult to cover up the pain.... My grandfather passed away previously on Friday.... Its hard man. 😭
Swarnim Varma
Swarnim Varma سنوات قبل
Yesterday I lost my Jija Ji who was a doctor in Lucknow. He was just 42 years with a 2 year Son. Om Shanti Shanti to the departed soul 🙏🙏. No word to express the loss.
Ejaz Omer
Ejaz Omer سنوات قبل
Your doing such a great job we need more ppl like you in this world sambhavna may Allah reward you for your hard efforts 💜
Sydel Dias
Sydel Dias سنوات قبل
I lost my Godmother because of Covid just 2 days after my bday. I know how your feeling 🙏🏻 My condolences to you and your family. Please be strong I'm so proud of you'll that your help everyone in anyway in this hard time❤️
Riya Agrawal
Riya Agrawal سنوات قبل
I must say...you have purest soul
RandmGamesSid2 سنوات قبل
We are proud of u sambhawana mam
I am from future :: you in future is tooooo much happy with your husband and you pupppyyys ❤️
Life of AngelNita
Life of AngelNita سنوات قبل
Rest in Peace uncle ji 💐☮️
Ojas sings
Ojas sings سنوات قبل
I lost my grandmother she was totally fine . See life is short u should enjoy it just make a smile❤️
Ulwekar سنوات قبل
My father is in hospital... Covid positive pls pray for him
Kalyan UPPALAPATI سنوات قبل
I know the pain you are going through, I lost my sister and brother in law to COVID. You seem to be a very brave lady please muster up all the strength you have and keep up the good work you are doing in these tough times.
Lakshita Panwar
Lakshita Panwar سنوات قبل
That moment when cherry started loving her that was so sweet ❤
Kitties Creation
Kitties Creation سنوات قبل
Be strong bad things happen in life and good things also happens love you stay safe ❤️❤️❤️
Geeta Rani
Geeta Rani سنوات قبل
She is so brave she is helping continuously to needy people
Luna Chakraborty
Luna Chakraborty
Please don't cry🙏🙏 take care ❤️ stay safe ❤️ we shall overcome love you all 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
vibhuti sood
vibhuti sood سنوات قبل
I lost my nana , dada and fufaji due to this pandemic. Our family is completely broken. Stay strong
Shikha Singh Negi
Shikha Singh Negi سنوات قبل
You are really doing a good job by helping the one's in need. May God bless you and your family with good health and happiness! 🙏🏻
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