Yahan DOGS ki PAWRI ho rahi hai | Ss Vlogs :-)

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Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

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Pavan Arora
Pavan Arora سنوات قبل
Bravo 👏👏👏
Dr Mansi Abohari
Dr Mansi Abohari سنوات قبل
One thing I must appreciate about you is..your vlogs are so clean and I always watch it with my sons and family..now a days it is really hard to see good things on screen which you can watch with your family..really amazing and real vlogs ..always love you 😍
Ayisha Sharma
Ayisha Sharma سنوات قبل
Cherry and Avinash adds so much life to every to Vlog 😊
Madhuri Mudhol
Madhuri Mudhol
Sambhavana so cutely and innocently asking "what do they get. " how cute
Sweet_Jo سنوات قبل
Loved today’s vlog title😍. Sambhavna ma’am you are really looking beautiful in this vlog as always. Your dogs are also talented. Like kids like parents 😄. Your dogs have won hearts.
I N D I A 🇮🇳
I N D I A 🇮🇳
Your vlogs are really entertaining 😋 love from Ranchi ☺
Drashti pandya
Drashti pandya سنوات قبل
How cute.... Ma'am nd sir you both are the reason for the smile on millions of faces... Bundle of positivity 😍🤩❤❤❤❤❤love you both
Eshaa Bichpuria
Eshaa Bichpuria سنوات قبل
Such a cute Vlog❤❤
krishna سنوات قبل
You take care of your dogs so well.....Big applause to you & Avinash Sir..👏
jaya gurung
jaya gurung
Really ur entire family have amazing people with beautiful heart,luv the way papa is blessing to ur kids...cherry and small baby is super cute...God bless u l&Luv u all....
dhruv gupta
dhruv gupta سنوات قبل
the way cherry asked for food from that person was so ordering like queen ❤ always does and asks for what she wants
Manish Pandey
Manish Pandey
Every one looks so beautiful and super cute
EK Rocks
EK Rocks سنوات قبل
Cherry is such a great 🐕 she act like she is a girl and she always do things she want ❤️❤️
I just loved how cherry went straight to the ball 😍😂😂
Kristi vlogs
Kristi vlogs سنوات قبل
Its impossible to control three dogs and do work and vloging you are doing very hard work best of luck for your future and always be happy.May God shower his blessings to you and your children's.🙌🙌🙌
1321 AVANI THAKARE سنوات قبل
I just want to say
Raksha Tiwary
Raksha Tiwary سنوات قبل
😂😂😂that "CHIRKUNDA" was really unexpected, lots of love to all 5 of you😘
juhi banerjee
juhi banerjee سنوات قبل
You both have a real great chemistry...Lovely and universal couple 💑
poonam bindal
poonam bindal سنوات قبل
Sam mam is the first mom who is allowing her daughter to meet his bf but the daughter cant except that freedom 😂😂
Danielle's Kitchen
Danielle's Kitchen سنوات قبل
Cherry is a true sport! Participates wholeheartedly in every event! Even eating😜😜😘
Piyush Meet Candy 😍
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ماين كرافت الجزيرة #6 قررت اغادر الجزيرة بسبب !!؟
الحنية طلعت فوتوشوب😱(ضحكو علينا واتصدمت بالنهاية 😥)
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