Somebody sent GHAGHRA CHOLI for CANDY | Unboxing Your Gifts | Part 1 | Ss Vlogs :-)

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Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

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Nidhi Saxena
Nidhi Saxena سنوات قبل
You guys truly deserve all this love n more.... u r making life better for millions of your viewers... bas aise hi real rahiye .. because that is what makes u different and so loved :)
Naseem Hosain Ali
Naseem Hosain Ali سنوات قبل
You guys deserve this much and much more love 🤗 so happy to see such beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Wish I could send you a gift but it's very difficult to send anything to India from Pakistan 😔
Shreyashi Shah
Shreyashi Shah سنوات قبل
You deserve all this Sam. Trust me. Your vlogs, you,your family are a stress reliever in my NEET preparation. Stay blessed dear and wishing good health to Coco. 😘
Mahendra Ganwani
Mahendra Ganwani
Coco : so cute
Pradipta's World
Pradipta's World سنوات قبل
You guys deserve love from us & everyone❤️❤️ I never miss any vlog no matter how tired or busy I'm😍🥰 lots of love to your 3 cute babies🥰☺️
jyoti rajpal
jyoti rajpal
Coco: so cute🦮❤
Eshani Dolas
Eshani Dolas سنوات قبل
U guys are very grateful to life and people in ur life! The way u r appreciating gifts is very emotional😘 not like other vloggers who just show it for seconds and dnt even appreciate enough
Divya Bansari
Divya Bansari سنوات قبل
Hiee...Sambhavna Mam...And Avinash Sir...❣❣
Deepali Rawat
Deepali Rawat سنوات قبل
You deserve all the love... Cz you both are such amazing one can resist themselves from loving you guys😘😘😘😘
Coco : sooooo cutest boy🐕‍🦺
Sakshi Siingh
Sakshi Siingh سنوات قبل
You and your Husband is pure souls .
Bhubisruta Kashyap
Bhubisruta Kashyap
Coco:-so cute, cherry:- like a little doll, Candy:-cutie, Sambhavna mam:- so beautiful, Avinash Sir:-very strong. I like your vlogs sambhavna mam.
Shubham Pawar
Shubham Pawar سنوات قبل
Much needed vlog I was so worried about my studies and I was getting tensed after watching this vlog I'm feeling so good ❤
dhiraj kubade
dhiraj kubade سنوات قبل
Bless you both of you guys❤️❤️❤️ May god bless you both with a big big Success and happiness.😀.. thank you sambhavana and Avinash for making such a sweet and lovely content for uss😊😊
Kavita Nair
Kavita Nair سنوات قبل
Swastika ..that was so thoughtful...loved loved loved the gifts you have sent for Sambhavana- Avinash. The entire set blouse, saree, kurta and specially ghagra for candy is extremely cute ❤❤❤ cant wait to see them wearing it on some festive.....
Coco-so cute
Pallavi Batra 🧿♥️
Pallavi Batra 🧿♥️ سنوات قبل
Uh guys deserve these gifts many more to come stay blessed guru ji bless uh guys love uh loads ❤️🧿
not a acc...
not a acc... سنوات قبل
Kalpana Barolia
Kalpana Barolia سنوات قبل
Ma'am n sir u deserve this love bcz u earn this...u both r such a great and strong personality...i respect both of you...God blessed
neyhaartistry 8
neyhaartistry 8 سنوات قبل
Sambhavna - proud of you for your weight loss programme - you are in the entertainment industry and touching 40 - you need to keep ontop of your game , so bravo 👏🏼 and continue the good work
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Sambhavna Seth Entertainment
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