Marriage Anniversary Surprise for Sambhavna

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Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

Sambhavna Seth Entertainment

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HI Friends
This is a marriage anniversary surprise video for Sambhavna on our second marriage anniversary.
this video contains our wedding capsule which is becoming public first time on internet for Sambhavna & her subscribers.
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SaraxCreations سنوات قبل
Watching it after 2 yrs but seriously I was teary-eyed ❤
dhara سنوات قبل
She is sooo lucky to have a husband like Avinash..
Amber C
Amber C
Loved the way Avinash expressed his feelings through beautiful video and story telling..❤️❤️ evokes pure emotions..❤️❤️ also, great editing❤️
He wins hearts in more ways than one!! A man for many reasons and seasons. May his tribe flourish.
Dr. Aditi Agrawal
Dr. Aditi Agrawal سنوات قبل
This brought tears to my eyes. Not everyone is lucky enough to get such a partner for life.
prateeksha singhal
prateeksha singhal
Watching it again after a couple of months. Feels so unreal. Your love for each other is so pure. Husbands like Avi are so hard to find.
Vaishalee Dey Mukherjee
Vaishalee Dey Mukherjee 4 سنوات قبل
Every husband must see this.... 🙏💞
Mini H
Mini H سنوات قبل
Simply looks beautiful at her wedding. Every shot of her is "wow" . Its how you dream n indian bride to be. You lucky man, shes also a lucky lady 🙏
Shikha Vanjani
Shikha Vanjani
This is the best anniversary surprise❤️ Sambhavna ma’am and Avinash sir you are truly made for each other and this video and your message is so touching ❤️ God bless you both always! ✨ Lots of love and blessings ✨
yash 93
yash 93
Tears in eyes no words Watching after 3years ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nishtha Ahuja
Nishtha Ahuja سنوات قبل
I totally agree with you Avinash .. mene unki personality ko big boss se judge kia tha.but after seeing your vlogs since lockdown I have realised that she is true soul 🥰🥰
Harjinder Singh Lotey
Harjinder Singh Lotey سنوات قبل
A very warm-hearted episode! Loved it A very Happy Anniversary to you Love Birds! Cheers!
Geetika Rawat
Geetika Rawat 2 سنوات قبل
Respect for Avinash for acknowledging that sambhaavna is a strong woman and he is comparatively week because in Indian society it is rare to see ! Respect man!
julie haokip
julie haokip سنوات قبل
I jst watch this vlog,I got so emotional n cried literally, u guys r made for ech other, this is the best surprised avinash u can ever giv to sambhaavna, I m addicted to sambhaavna vlog, I wish all the vry best life, luv,wishes both of you😘
dr shireen damani
dr shireen damani سنوات قبل
Garvita Joshi
Garvita Joshi
Mahjabeen سنوات قبل
Aslaam o alakum! Just watched this vlog. Its so pure and beautiful feelings of Avinash towards Shambhavna. You both r lucky to have each other. Allah protect u both frm evil eye Ameen summa Ameen! I m lucky too cause i m subscriber of such a pure and beautiful couple. Allah bless you both love you!
kriti dutta
kriti dutta سنوات قبل
Made for each other.. God bless you both ❤❤❤❤
Anisha Acharya
Anisha Acharya 2 سنوات قبل
One of the best wedding videos that I have watched till date. Starting from the song to the visuals to the feelings and moments. 😊 Advance happy anniversary to both of you.
seema sen
seema sen سنوات قبل
I literally cried after seeing this video . Stay blessed. Love you both 🔥😘🌹🥺❤
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